About Us

UMarried is one of the India’s best Online and Offline counseling platform providing affordable, secure and confidential counseling through Video, Voice, Calls, Emails and Chat through its self-curated platform.

We don’t just focus on complications – we also address the underlying problems/issues to help you gain marriage perspective, develop new skills and lead a happier life.

UMarried helps people via counseling on various issues like: Finding Life Partner for Marriage, Approaching Right Matrimonial Sites, Compatibility Issues, Relationship Issues, Toxic Relationships, Extramarital Issues, Divorce Issues, Widow Issues, Financial Issues, Cheatings/Abuses, Post Break Up Issues, Trust/Empathy Issues, In-Law Issues, Looking for Life Partner Issues, Creating Marriage Biodata, Not Getting Suitable Life Partner, Marriage Rejection issues, Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage Issues, Intercaste Marriage Issues and many more…



Counselor Priyanka

(Masters in Psychology)


Counselor Sushmita

(Masters in Counseling)


Counselor Deepika

(Relationship Expert)