About us

UMarried is one of the India’s best Online and Offline counseling platform providing affordable, secure and confidential counseling through Video, Voice, Calls, Emails and Chat through its self-curated platform.

We don’t just focus on complications – we also address the underlying problems/issues to help you gain marriage perspective, develop new skills and lead a happier life.

UMarried helps people via counseling on various issues like: Finding Life Partner for Marriage, Approaching Right Matrimonial Sites, Compatibility Issues, Relationship Issues, Toxic Relationships, Extramarital Issues, Divorce Issues, Widow Issues, Financial Issues, Cheatings/Abuses, Post Break Up Issues, Trust/Empathy Issues, In-Law Issues, Looking for Life Partner Issues, Creating Marriage Biodata, Not Getting Suitable Life Partner, Marriage Rejection issues, Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage Issues, Intercaste Marriage Issues and many more…

UMarried was started in 2005 at a time when counseling was not popular form of professional help for marriage and matrimonial issues, the centre was established to offer counseling services regarding to all matters of Marriage through well trained professional counselors, Since its inception, UMarried has been conducting a rigorous and comprehensive counseling services to Brides, Grooms, Divorced, Widows, Second Marriage, Married Couples etc over the years, the experts at UMarried have conducted research studies to develop counseling practices that are appropriately tuned to marriage and matrimonial complications.

What makes the UMarried experience different is the respect that we have for the confidentiality of our clients. We believe that ongoing professional and personal development of counselors through regular supervision and personal counseling is an essential part of the practice of counseling. The quality of our services is further upheld by affiliating and adhering to the ethical guidelines.  

*UMarried marriage counseling services is a premier platform for Marriage & Matrimonial counseling in India. Our team of qualified counselors are passionate about enhancing the well-being of people through counseling. Our goal is to resolve complications and issues of Marriage & Matrimonial through counseling services and to help you lead a more fulfilling life.

*Our model allows counselors the flexibility to practice in professional settings of their choice thus enabling us to offer counseling at affordable rates and in multiple locations for your convenience.

*When you meet a UMarried counselor, you are assured that your counselor is professionally trained and follows processes, best practices and ethical guidelines to ensure your highest well-being.

*Our team of counselors have different backgrounds – some have prior experience in fields as diverse as HR, Marketing, Health Experts, Fitness Experts, Relationship Experts, Training, Law, IT, Coaching and Social Work. What is common to this team is their professional competence in counseling and psychology.

*UMarried is founded by trained and qualified counselors, who share a common dream to promote successful marriages through counseling in India. This dream was fuelled by the lack of awareness about counseling in India. Many people believe that you visit a counselor only during a crisis or when you have a problem that you cannot resolve yourself. At such times, they expect that counseling will give them a quick solution. In reality, counseling is the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings to find your own answers, based on your unique life situation.

*Most people do not have this perception. Thus there was an urgent need to create awareness about what counseling is and how it works. UMarried was launched to create the awareness that counseling is an avenue for successful marriages.

*Apart from a lack of awareness, there also seemed to be a lack of visibility among counselors. People who wanted to meet a counselor found it difficult to access one. There seemed to be a bridge that was missing between counselors and people seeking counseling.

*UMarried aims to be that bridge, Since 2005, our team has counseled thousands of clients.

*We envision UMarried to become a movement for marriage counseling in India. We hope through our message and our services, we can help people realize that marriage counseling is one of the paths to resolve any issues and complications pertaining to Marriages. We also hope to become a hub for counselors who can learn and grow professionally, demonstrating the power of collaboration and social entrepreneurship.